Collars and Leashes

Pet Collars and leashes

Pets are part of our family and they need the same attention as any other family member. That's why at, we have a special collection for pets that includes a huge variety of pet leashes and collars to suit various size and breed puppies, that too at an affordable price tag.

The collars and leashes that you use for your pet should be comfortable to keep your pet enjoying the day without any discomfort. At, we offer high-quality pet collars that are suitable for all-time wear and are strong enough for proper control. Each collar apart from being durable is fashionable too to suit the latest trend. Most of the collars being adjustable will fit your pet without any discomfort and will be a utilitarian accessory for years when your pet grows. Look out for specialty collars if your pet is super active and mischievous. Special collars help you easily train your pet. With a plethora of choices, you can avail the best pet collar from

Apart from pet collars, we offer pet leashes online to take your loyal friend for an evening stroll, long travel or to conveniently train your pet. Available in various lengths and with a retractable facility, the leashes will give your pet sufficient space for active movements while giving you a strong grip for control. We understand that not all pets are the same. That's why our collection is filled with leashes made of different materials in different sizes with various utility features to satisfy both the pet and the pet owner.

Check out our pet leashes online to have a stylish, strong yet comfortable pet leash for your little companion that will satisfy both you and your lovable pet. With safe payment options and a user-friendly website, you will have a fun shopping experience at